The popular anime series is now on the Playstation. Afro Samurai with Samuel L. Jacksons voice is a pleasure to play. Assassins, Ninjas and Thugs are your foes that you get to slice and dice. Japan is feuding – as the backdrop to the story and Afro’s father has been murdered. With the murder of Afro’s father, Justice claimed the number 1 headband and he now has powers like a god. Afro has the number 2 headband and everybody can challenge him for it.

The combat is stylistic, balanced and acrobatic. There are so many ways to slice and dismember enemies. Two buttons control the major amount of fighting. The Deep Throat Killer move is particularly violent. There is also a Focus maneuvre which allows you to slow down time. If you know anything of the original series and have liked it then you will like this game.

The look and feel of this game is unique. If you dig Samurais, Ninjas and overall action then you will love this game as a way to vent out your emotions. Afro Samurai has all the classic elements of Samurai fiction – honour, revenge and perfection in the art of fighting. Check out this game, if you like it, it is worth $56.99 on Amazon.