BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is published by Aksys and the price is $49.99. This is a game that you will really love if you like games of this sort. There are many elements that make it such an enjoyable game. The characters are unique and different from one another. This makes playing each character a different experience. Characters have completely different abilities and perhaps you will find one who is your inner fantasy superhero.

The difference in the characters is also apparent in their external persona. Many of the characters are so colorful almost like the eighth color of the rainbow. Another thing that strikes you is the fight mechanics of the game. The combo system lets you experiment and it pretty creative in the moves it produces.

The fight defense system lets you create a barrier which pushes the opponent back. The barrier burst stops all attack combos from the opponent. If you like online gaming then you will be pleased with what BlazBlue offers you. There is just a bit of lag usually in the match introduction.

The lack of huge video files is a big advantage in the online game. With multiple game modes and a great look and feel this game is more that just good old fun. It is good new fun in the best possible way – on a PS3. If you dig gaming, online gaming and fighting games you will likely dig BlazBlue. The game is as cool as it sounds.