FPS fans have an avenue to release their hot bloodedness. So do WW2 fans. And you don’t have to do two things. All you have to do is get a copy of Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway. This interesting take on World War 2 battle is also very different in that the makers vouch for it’s historical accuracy. The game glamorizes the war while honoring the veterans.

If you shoot a German in the head in this game, here is how the incredible graphics are likely to pan out. As you fire, the camera moves from the shooters viewpoint to a third persons viewpoint. Then the scene slows down as you see every little detail of the scene. If you are witness to grenade damage on level 2 then you will see the scene with every little gory detail intact.

The cinematics are brilliant and if you are worried about the cover based combat system of the game and it’s steep learning curve, do not fear, the tutorial mission lets you smoothly go into the heat of the battle. The cover in the game is destructible, and you know when you are in trouble when the screen goes red.

The theme of the game goes adult as far as the verbiage goes now and then. Impressive graphics, and detailed character models add on to make the game visually impressive. Get set to rock the World in War with Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway at $56.99.