Ghostbusters was an iconic film of its time. Now the video game based on the same characters and theme is out. This smash hit theme with a new storyline set 2 years after Ghostbusters II coincides with the 25th anniversary of the original theatrical release.

When you think of Ghostbusters, you think of “who you gonna call.” Well if you want to have some fun on your PS3, you gonna call ghostbusters, all right. It is a frightening and funny fight to capture the ghosts and ghouls that have overrun Manhattan city.

You will enjoy the unique weapons and gadgets. There is a huge variety of supernatural foes that you can battle. As you move through New York, you will face eerie enemies. You get to be a part of the famous ghostbusters team.

The gameplay is exciting and has an authentic touch. The supernaturalism and lore is expanded by the excellent script of the videogame.