Killzone 2 has been created by Guerilla Games and is a bestseller on Amazon. This FPS game. It is a sequel in the Killzone series and has been creating excitement before its release. The Helghast war machine is the enemy and you play Sev, a battle hardened soldier. The ISA legion squad is deployed behind enemy lines in harsh terrain, this is how the game opens.

The AI is brilliant and the animations are very lifelike. The Helghans have the advantage of home turf and use it to their maximum benefit. The weapons are exotic and combined with the first person perspective, heighten the excitement. The vehicles are tough and sometimes awkward and take the strategy perspective to a whole different level.

The lighting of situations has been done beautifully using the latest cutting edge technology. The shadow casting is accurate and adds to the realism just as the other SFX do. Single player is fun with 11 levels to play through. However multiplayer online play with up to 32 players involved is a whole different gaming experience.

Killzone 2 follows well in the footsteps of Killzone enhancing the experience of the previous game. This offering is available at a price of $56.99 on