If slam bang boom violence is your thing then you will like Mercenaries 2. If it isn’t you won’t. You can cause tremendous destruction with dozens of unique vehicles. There are a number of attacks and a huge open space to do the stuff. However there are also game crippling bugs, really bad AI and gunplay that is unsatisfying. In addition a lousy story and repetitiveness plague this game.

Although you may enjoy the senseless violence a bit and online co-op play is fun, overall this is not a game that comes highly recommended. You can choose to be one of three mercenaries. The game is about a quest for vengeance. All this poor dude did was hire you and not pay. This one is a third person shooter.

You will enjoy the first few contracts and will like the mechanics as long as they are fresh. After the first hour you will find the weapons week and the damage done inconsistent. The storyline is tedious and uninspiring. If you want to enjoy this game the only way is co-op online play. With inconsistent visuals and the bugs and glitches earlier mentioned this is not the best way to spend Sunday afternoon.

There are many better open world action games and mindless destruction can only be enjoyable upto a point. This game is unfinished in the callousness of its make and I advise you spend your money elsewhere.