Mirrors Edge has a fair amount of innovativeness. The perspective is first person and the visual style is clean and crisp. This is a modern day iteration of an old time game. Mirrors Edge needs speed. When you can synchronize your play you become a true master of the game. There is a deep thrill in playing Mirrors Edge.

The game’s protagonist is Faith. The setting is a fictitious oppressed society. In this society are a number of runners, who courier important documents. Faith is a runner. Faith’s sister is a cop who is charged with the murder of a mayoral candidate. Now Faith must clear her sister’s name and uncover the conspiracy behind the murder.

As you run across rooftops, through train stations and along walls, your coordination and speed increases. You get immersed in the action and the game is enjoyable on the whole. There are a number of tools that are interesting and helpful like Runner vision. There are armed enemies and the best thing to do is run past them.

The visuals are great and so is the audio. This game comes recommended for $59.99.