Hoping to alleviate last years disappointment with the 08 version, EA’s NASCAR 09 offers a lot of promise. The 09 version is definitely an upgrade from the 08 version and is well packaged. In this format of the game, the focus is mainly on you-the gamer.

Everything you do, right from typing in your desired name and other trivial details to create your in-game persona, influences your ‘Rep’. Rep being the currency which helps you climb up the success ladder in career mode.

The game like its predecessors has loads of modes ands features. At times, navigating through these never-seeming-to-end interfaces and menus becomes quite cumbersome. But the tutorial by Jeff Gordon helps new players ease into the game. Not to forget, there is special attention given to your choice of wheels. Players can customize their vehicles with paint jobs and logos etc. Once done, you are ready to zoom off into career mode.

As an attempt to keep the gamers hooked, unlike the career mode in last years version where all there was were silly mini-game challenges; this version of NASCAR charms you in with racing contracts and signing sponsors. How is that for interactive! Here again your Rep matters.Hence, the faster you race, the faster you climb the success ladder. The career mode offers you three options – Sprint, Nationwide and Craftsman Truck. Also available are Driver challenges to help you gain better control and to also push up your rep.

This game will cost you $59.99 on Amazon.com. Overall, the game has solid features, some solid racing and good solid graphics. A true blue solid choice for racing car aficionados.