Published by Codemasters and developed by Triumph Studios, ‘Overlord: Raising Hell’ is a fantasy action-adventure game. The violence and language in the game has earned it a ‘Teen’ rating from ESRB. It was released for the Xbox 360 in mid 2007 and now twelve months down the line it is here in its PS3 version.

While you may think that in these 12 months, the game’s makers would have smoothened out its flaws to give a better upgraded version of the game, the answer is No! The Overlord for the PS3 ends up as a disappointing experience even though the original game’s downloadable content has been repackaged into a single-player campaign along with other minor additions.

Set against a fantasy backdrop, Overlord is a third-person action adventure game that is infused with a liberal helping of puzzles. You wake up one fine morning to realize that your reputation and position as Overlord is in ruins with complete annihilation of your tower. The game is an effort to rebuild your empire. To re-establish your lost glory, you will have to control a group of compliant gremlin like underlings as you wander in the countryside, hindering or helping out the locals. In your journey you will acquire life-force energy and gold etc. These assist you in your battles against unicorns, Halflings, hostile environment and other obstacles that you can overcome by selecting the apt minion unit.

Sufficiently interesting, this version of the game is best for those who are yet to give this game a try. Priced at $59.99, the game does lack quality in its PS3 incarnation but that is something PS3 players will have to compromise on.