Taking up on the Original Red Faction and set 50 years after the events of that game, Guerrilla is a TPS that does not fail to impress. As an insurgent in the reestablished guerrilla group called Red Faction, rebels on Mars battle for freedom from the Earth Defense Force. Destruction is a keyword in the gameplay and the combat is fast and furious.

The Ultor Corporation had been oppressing people for years. The Red Faction overthrows it. A distress signals sends the Earth Defense Force to Mars. With a fleet of warships they aim to bring justice and normalcy back to Mars. They do succeed in establishing justice. However when the colonists have to leave their homes due to greedy corporations from planet earth, the EDF adopts the same tactics it once was against.

Alec Mason who has paid the price of the EDF’s high handedness bands together with other revolutionaries to bring freedom to Mars once again. Think of this as a great revolutionary saga, like the French Revolution, perhaps, except that it is set in the future.

There are some features of this game that stand out more than others. These are the open world guerrilla warfare, geo-mod technology, the gameplay, the sci-fi setting and more. Enjoy guerrilla warfare at its best. The cost of this game is $56.99 on Amazon.