If you dig myth and mythology then you will dig Rise of the Argonauts. In the past they say that the gods walked the Earth. Go back into that time when wars were fought and heroes were made, to live for millenia in the books of history.

Jason is the king of Iolcus. He has everything. He is respected, heads a prosperous kingdom and is about to marry the beauteous princess Alceme. The story twists when she is assassinated on their wedding day. Now Jason sets out in a quest for two things – to bring back princess Alceme to life and to take revenge on her killers.

In doing all this Jason has to find the golden fleece with the help of Greek mythologies greates heroes. The other heroes featured here are Achilles, Hercules and Pan. The play is very absorbing. As Jason goes on, he gets new abilities like the fist of Ares. The feel and ambience is very authentic to ancient Greece.

The more you please the gods, the more you are stronger for it. The battles are great fun. The musical score is stunning, the choices endless and the way action and RPG is blended makes this game one that should not be missed.