Sacred 2 is an action RPG. Players choose a path and make decisions that chart the course of the game and the destiny of their chosen character and a whole race. This game is set 2000 years before the first game. At stake is elemental power in it’s most grandiose avatar.

An energy called T-energy has always been a part of Ancaria. The beginning of life, magic and thought comes from T-energy. T-energy was controlled by the Seraphim in the beginning. Tired of this job, they pass on the secrets to the higher elves. The elves not knowing how to control this energy war with each other. The structure of power in Ancaria collapses with everyone laying claim to T-energy and its control.

In the meantime, T-energy goes haywire. There are two campaign paths in Sacred 2. These are Light and Dark. Your character is chosen and customized by you and the path they follow is chosen as well. There are quests and side quests which make this game very interesting. You determine the fate of the world and its well being.

The world in the game is expansive, massive. There are six fantastic characters to choose from. You control mounts which adds to the glamour of the game. There is single and multiplayer gameplay. The online mode is captivating. The graphics and sound are cutting edge as well. The price of this amazing game is $49.97.