Soulcalibur is back. With it comes the same fantastic system of fighting and an online mode as well. I would definitely recommend this game by Namco Bandai. Priced at $59.99, it is well worth every cent. Smooth hassle free online play with a wealth of characters makes this one great playable game. That is not all, this game is created for both newcomers or veterans and is playable by all.

The original Soulcalibur raised the bar for all games in the fantasy action genre. This one does that all over again. The characters are familiar and you can unlock new ones as you go along. Customize the characters as you please – the power is in your hands.

This game does not rely on lengthy combo attacks but rather the emphasis is on timing. The idea is to defeat the opponent by either knocking them out of the ring or depleting their health. Let’s go to online play. Lag free and quick moving action makes your adrenalin rush through the body.

If you are playing single-player mode then the Tower of Lost Souls will appeal to you. There is a lack of style in this game, though. Yoda is exclusive to the 360 version and Vader to the PS3 version. Load time between fights is shorter in the PS3 version through an optional install. Whether you own an Xbox 360 or a PS3, this is one game you shouldn’t miss