If you are a PS3 owner who has been thirsting for a big RPG, then maybe the Valkyria Chronicles may quench your thirst. This visual treat features pretty watercolor graphics as well as gameplay that will leave you satiated. The battle system is turn based and is dubbed “blitz”. Sega Game Studios, Japan developed the new CANVAS engine in Japan.

The story setting is like 1935 Europe, but fictional. Warring superpowers are after a resource called ragnite that is found in Gallia and this is what the story centers around. Welkin and Alicia are two of the main characters and the story revolves around them. It is similar to tactical RPG’s but different in that you can roam the area and are not limited to the chessboard style movements.

The battles can be challenging, however the levels can be finished in just a couple of turns. The battles involve tanks and multiple enemy units. The units involved in the fighting are tanks, scouts, snipers, stormtroopers, lancers and engineers. Every type of unit has special abilities.

This is one RPG that PS3 owners should not miss.