It’s been three years since we’ve seen an All-Pro Football release and all of the great features of that game are incorporated in All Pro Football 2K8.

What makes this a bit more fun is the nostalgia aspect of having so many now-retired players in all of their idiosyncratic glory here. Jerry Rice’s upright running style is immediately recognizable as is Mike Ditka’s bulldozer-like moves after a reception. Each player has been set with his own unique moves so we can identify the player without even seeing his number.

Other than a few other improvements such as gang-tackling that seems scarily brutal, they really haven’t done that much to this version. Choosing and customizing your teams is intriguing because of the older players but the choice of logos is a bit limited.

The running attack is done realistically although some player movement is too mechanical while the defense is set at such a tough level that you will consistently play close games. One glitch is the disconcerting time lapse between your command to pass and the actual pass, but this is not a major drawback. All-Pro Football 2K8 lends itself very well to a multi-player situation rather than a single player.

The audio broadcast is well done but seems lifted almost straight from the last version. Stat compilation is effective and immediate and the broadcasters themselves are entertaining if a bit stilted. The soundtrack is repeated a few times but the sound quality is quite good. All in all, All Pro Football 2K8 is a good buy but not at the top of the heap.