Bionic Commando from Capcom isn’t the most exciting game around though it has a few moments of it’s own. This Third Person Action game puts so many possibilities before you. In a minute they are replaced by others – like a tease. The gunplay is limp and aside from a few good moments this game is the average of average games…nothing special really.

There are ideational errors in the creation of this game. The good aspects are eclipsed by other ideas…like a group project gone wrong. Although the bionic arm is fun, it can’t carry the game to the level of real enjoyment.

The encounters with enemies are lifeless because of the crummy weapons. You can die quick. Mediocre entertainment at its mediocre best is all I can say for this game. Apart from bare hand/leg maneouvres this game is no fun.

Nathan Spencer is not a highly likeable protagonist. He is a stumbling block of the story instead. There is multiplayer support for up to 10 people. Bionic Commando from Capcom costts $56.99. If you are a die hard fan of the original game go for it. Otherwise there are many other great games out there.