Take a trip to inner space. Blast Factor puts you into a Petri dish of organisms that might well be in your bloodstream, dangerous enough that you wouldn’t want to know about them. Your vessel is a microscopic ship injected into different media rife with bacteria and viruses attacking as you try to cure the “organism” of its maladies. A series of seven cells present themselves and you must clean up each of the several screens in each cell. Blast Factor’s difficulty increases with each successful cleaning but when you suffer significant losses, you are directed to an easier cell where you can be a winner.


Mastering the fundamentals of this game is easy but the atmosphere in the cells is fluid and detailed, making an interesting environment for your little ship to travel in. As viruses and bacteria stream at you, you employ the controller much like the old Asteroids game where you squeeze off a multitude of projectiles at the swarming enemy. A reasonable variety of bad guys keeps you occupied for the most part but their moves become predictable after a few encounters. Colors are a bit dull and the sound is practically nonexistent.


The most interesting device in Blast Factor is the SIXAXIS controller’s ability to tilt sideways, issuing a wavelike effect through the liquid environment. You will need this maneuverability to flip one of the rotund enemies over into a vulnerable position. One drawback is that you may inadvertently flush enemies directly right into your path with an imperceptible accidental wrist flip.


Blast Factor is a welcome addition to the gaming world but only because of the SIXAXIS function.