Ripping graphic action, compelling story lines, diverting game modes, all the while supporting multi-player involvement. Umm, let me see. Would anyone go for this?

A resounding Yes is my answer and so should any gamer’s response who sees the value in a game designed for long-term replays. Call of Duty 4 is a candidate for Game of the Year in my humble opinion.

First, the armament is varied and many. With over 70 weapons in addition to laser sights, claymore mines, night goggles, and ghillie suits, Call of Duty 4 has no peer in this assault game mode. As your skills and kills increase, you gain more strength as well as more choices to customize your firepower and campaigns. There is no cheating in Call of Duty 4; you must earn all of your perks, which are supplements to each class as you advance.

For graphics, Call of Duty 4 shows us realistic shadowing, disconcerting perspective, and striking three-dimensional action. You may never have experienced such rendering of voluminous battlegrounds and claustrophobic shelter spaces. Both are done with incredible attention to detail where your reactions betray your involvement. Pull back in shock at grenade explosions while your heart pounds during chopper landings under fire.

Prepare your ears to hear bombs bursting in air as garbled radio transmissions create confusion. The sound of Call of Duty 4 is as real as you can get without being there.

You will want to visit this game again and again. The only flaw might be the brevity of the single player campaign but this is more than made up for in the intensity and realism of the action. You won’t regret this purchase for one second.