With graphics that do not pretend to be real and non-stop action, Calling All Cars has the formula for lots of fun. Saturday morning cartoons are brought to mind here in a maverick cop and robbers game where the objective is simply to catch the bad guys. Suitable for single or multi-player modes, the pace is frantic and the action varied. The arcade aspect of this game is attractive while the online experience is enhanced by a split screen function that adds excitement exponentially. Practically devoid of a story line, you will nonetheless find yourself shouting at the screen as your quarry (or opponents) outsmarts you again and again.


But the most fun comes from the online players with headsets who offer a running commentary on the action. The fun of the game is commensurate with the verbal cleverness of the participants. The vehicles are evenly matched which makes for some very close multi-player contests. You can take control of another player’s captured criminal by crashing into his car and escaping with the prey.


One limitation is the sparse number of maps (4) but this is really only a minor gripe. You are designated to catch a crook and the map points the way. How you get there is most of the fun as each map has a varied environment that keeps even the most prolific user on edge as the action gets extremely hectic. Some might say that using four players makes it a bit too chaotic. Anyway, the path back to the jail can be just as dangerous as the capture. Three weapons are available but you might just choose to be a bully and smash into the other competitors to take the crook yourself.


Calling All Cars is more than worth the ten dollars you will put out for this exciting and enjoyable game.