Events in Radiator Springs begin to heat up as Lightning McQueen establishes new headquarters and Mater decides to host a new racing tournament. All of the familiar spots can be seen here like the Wagon Wheel Motel and Willie’s Butte and you will see most of the characters from the movie as well.

And just like the movie, the game is aimed mostly at young gamers with rather simplistic action and easily controlled racing moves. What make Cars: Mater-National Championship interesting for the younger set is the number of tracks and the ability to take on the various personae of the movie roles. Voices are done by the same actors (Larry the Cable Guy, Tony Shaloub), thus lending a certain amount of credibility to the game.

The look of Cars: Mater-National is commensurate with the movie also so that kids will have gravitate to it more readily. This is an environment that kids will have an easy time adapting to and probably will not get bored too quickly with the tracks and game play. The responsiveness of the controls is a bit sluggish but will probably not get noticed by youngsters.

Mini-games are an important part of Cars: Mater-National Championship as the game shows us 17 races across 14 different tracks in the story mode. The challenge mode features 28 events in three different categories, (Trophy Hunt, Elimination, and Beat the Clock.) It is this variety that will make this a favorite among the kids who have seen the movie (and there are lots of those) so Cars: Mater-National gets a thumbs up but primarily for those who have just stopped sucking their thumbs.