It’s hard to imagine the developers of Championship Sprint making a worse choice than taking the wheel away from the original arcade game but that is just what they have done. By making this game downloadable, the makers have eliminated the only part of the game that was worthwhile. Without the wheel, the controls of this exceedingly monotonous racing game are so sensitive as to be impossible to go around the track once and not run into a wall or another racer.


Even when the walls open up to let you take a short cut, you can’t respond quickly or precisely enough to take advantage. Besides, the walls open often enough to make the short cuts redundant and unnecessary. Only one opportunity to upgrade presents itself on each level so once you have passed the wrench in the road (I did laugh at the reference to the fork in the road—if it was intended or not), you might as well spin the dial on the radio to get a better song.


The game is also meant to be played online but this presents more problems. First, you have to find someone to play and then you have to deal with a time lag that can be maddening. So you just race and race and race and race—you get the picture. Championship Sprint doesn’t have much to recommend it so sprint away from whatever site you can download it from.