Judging from reports about the number of labor hours lost due to March Madness tournament pools, College Hoops 2K8 should gather a load of interest as we enter the college basketball season.

With some nice additions to last year’s model, hoop fans will find plenty to keep them busy.
One aspect taken from 2K7 is the 6th Man Advantage and it still needs some work. Crowd reaction seems random when one score elicits thunderous applause and the next score does not raise crowd noise at all.
The biggest improvement is the Play Designer function that allows the more knowledgeable and adventurous among us to make our own play sets and defensive alignments. This creates so much more variety that College Hoops 2K8 takes on a complexity not seen before in a sports games.
By supplying a Tutorial mode, the publisher helps you work on some of the fundamental controller moves and helps you focus on skills you might otherwise ignore.
The All-American Challenge comprises fourteen drills that are designed to test you skill level and thereby improve your stats and you players’ games.
College Hoops 2K8 offers decent graphics but the action is not always as smooth as you would like. On the audio end, the music fits well but the commentary timing seems off and rather generic.
The title is a good addition to the dedicated gamer/hoop fan who merely wants to get psyched for the upcoming tournament. Online tournament play is available and promises more competition.