FIFA 08 is the soccer game by Electronic Arts and is available on Amazon at a price of $59.99. It builds upon last years game with new gameplay and new features. With this game, something like real football, the more you practice, the better you get and the more you are rewarded.

The presentation of this game is brilliant. The new modes and features are flagged in the games menu, making access easy. You get points based on how good you are to the team. The maneouvering involves passing, tackling and scoring goals. The focus is on team performance rather than solo performance.

The L2 button and the analog sticks give you a lot of power. Other than the Be-a-Pro mode there are many other ways to play. You can practice with the kick off mode. With so many tournaments in the offline and online modes of the game, you can take this game up as a long term challenge.

You can control your favorite team in the interactive leagues online. There are so many modes of gameplay in this game that it gives you great value for money. With difficulty levels the game progresses slower than last years version.

Although this new version is better than all the previous versions, Pro Evolution Soccer has more responsiveness in the players. The majority of the game relies on basic moves.

However with great overall presentation, authenticity, a fantastic sountrack and great graphics, this game comes well recommended.