Nothing Else Matters if you are a Metallica and Guitar Hero Fan. After Aerosmith, Guitar Hero: Metallica revolves around the songs of Metallica and their career. 28 Metallica songs and 21 other songs are part of this offering. Enjoy Guitar, Drums and Vocals of Metallica.

The game begins with you as a newcomer as the new band on the scene. Progressing in the game leads to unlocking of bonus features. The audio quality of the Metallica songs is the best there is. Their latest album Death Magnetic can also be played to.

As you progress from Beginner to Expert you will relish the excitement of playing Metallica. Going on tour, you will play small and large venues. Multiplayer is fun as usual and with friends and family, Guitar Hero Metallica is going to be a great hit. There are interesting Metallica specific powers – Fade to Black fades out your opponents notes and Trapped Under Ice freezes the whammy.

You can also create your own music and upload and share the musci through the GHTunes service. For $59.99 get your own Guitar Hero Metallica for the PS3!