Metal Gear Solid 4 is available for the PS3 from Konami. You get to visit a number of locales during the game. Among these locales is the Middle East and South America. The game begins when Col. Campbell contacts Solid Snake to tell him that Liquid Snake is running outer heaven. What this means is that he has overall control over private military companies worldwide.

These military companies are basically Liquids private army – you will have to battle them. You also discover that Liquids operations stem from the Middle East. Snake is given a contract on Liquid. You need to meet informants tracking Liquids movements. For this you need to go around a number of streets.

MGS4 is different from the earlier version in the shooting controls. Snake can’t fire from the hip. You can’t kill enemies on the run. However the way enemies go down – like rag dolls is a tad satisfying. There is a stress indicator as well = expressed as a percentage. The close quarters combat is enhanced in this game.

The guns you fight with include rifles, submachine guns, pistols, sniper rifles and the antitank javelin weapon. This game has a lot of extras. Recommended for action fans.