The first two Soldier of Fortune games were some of the best first person shooters I have played. This one, however is just not in that league. This game traverses a completely wrong path to gamer fun.

The visuals are attractive and bright. You get to play a mercenary amidst a world wide terrorist organization that is dumb enough to give all its operatives the same neck tattoo. How cliched can you get!

However this game is not lateral at all. It is completely linear. There are many flaws in the game. If you die you need to restart the game from the last checkpoint. This makes the game pretty frustrating.

Bad AI adds to make this game pretty boring. The weapons hardly recoil. Although the good part of the game is that the weapons are pretty effective. The visuals are quite similar to the earlier games. If you want to see separated body parts less often, then you can choose a low violence option in the game.

I liked the music although I did not like the rest of the audio. The voice acting is off mark. Since so many great first person shooters have been released this year, I will not recommend this one. Soldier of Fortune: Payback is for those who want blood, gore and (sigh) frustration.