The Bigs is a welcome addition to the arcade games we have seen in the past like Street and Blitz. Not a sim game, The Bigs features a Rookie Challenge where you can create a player who learns skills and increases his ability to compete with the best.

With a turbo boost that increases power by up to five times normal, home runs show a trail of light or fire as they exit the park, making them an exciting part of this game. You can go through training mini-games and learn new controller moves. The Bigs lends itself pretty well to multi-player games but the controls are complicated enough that it can be frustrating if the other players are not up-to-speed.

Player replication is very convincing (if you put credence in the steroid controversy) and player movement is realistic enough that the slow motion feature is fascinating. Pitching is nearly as difficult as the real thing but can be mastered with a little time spent in the bushes (practice mini-games).

There are alternatives to every pitch in that your pitcher will throw differently depending on the batter’s skill level. This great attribute makes The Bigs an endlessly enjoyable game. Stadiums are faithfully represented down to minute details (hot dog stands) and the most well known are here (Comerica Park, for example).

Although the soundtrack is strictly from the 90’s, the sound quality is superior while the broadcasters seem to repeat a limited numbers of phrases. It really isn’t that difficult to script a greater variety of lines for them to use. The Bigs can be played in a few modes such as career, home run derby and just try the come-from-behind mode; you will be pleasantly surprised at the excitement generated in beating your buddy when you seemed hopelessly behind.

Overall, The Bigs is an intriguing game for both baseball fans and neophytes.